Month: January 2018

Benefits of Emergency Roadside Assistance

this is an image of an emergency road side assitance

Do you need roadside assistance (RSA), are you not sure? To start out with you should know that many companies offer RSA some are independent; others would be car dealerships where you get your car or even your car insurance company. There are things you should look for in a roadside assistance plan, and they will be addressed below so read on!

Towing for So Many Miles

Most RSA programs will tow your car for so many miles, it just depends on the plan and agreement you have with your company and who has issued it to you. If you got your plan through the dealership you purchased your car from, as long as it is a brand new car, then they will tow it to the dealership for you. Now if it is an independent company that you got your RSA through them will usually have plan levels like basic, moderate, and VIP. In that even they will usually tow your car from point A about 50-100 miles respectively and after that, they would charge per mile. With your car insurance company, they will charge per mile for almost any distance within reason, but it will be discounted tremendously from just calling a tow truck company.

Flat Tires/Out of Gas

this is an image of tire repair on the side of the road in case you get stuck

Now the next thing to look for in an RSA plan would be whether or not they will bring you gas if you run out or even come and fix a flat tire. Most companies that offer RSA plans will do something like this. For example, some companies will bring you a predetermined amount of gas that is factored into the monthly payment plan, other companies will bring you gas for a discounted price per gallon. That being said most if not all RSA plans do offer a service to come out and fix your tire, granted if you need to have a new tire put on you will need to have a spare or a donut spare in your car. This will allow your company to help you replace the tire.

Dead Battery/Lock Outs

One thing that should be a staple service offered it is not, would be jump starting your battery. If your battery dies or needs to be jump started for any other reason, calling your RSA company would be the best solution. They will come ready to jump start your car and get you on your way. They almost all offer lock out assistance as well. Have you ever locked your keys in your trunk or just inside the car? Well if you have, sometimes you have to come up with a crafty way to get them out.

Most RSA plans offer a program that will dispatch an individual to come and get you out of sticky situations just like this. Now that you know what to look for in an RSA company, you may want to look into getting your own plan or even see if your car insurance offers it!