Dummies Guide For What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

this is an image of car stuck on the roadside assess the issues

There is always a fear when you drive a car. Will you break down today? Some people prepare for that; they learn how to do patchwork fixes so that if that does happen, they can make it to an auto shop. Others don’t bother learning and spend the money on roadside assistance, and still, others have no idea. Now if you are going to drive a car, you should be amongst the first two groups of people. Even still your best bet is to be amongst the first. To be a part of that elite group read on and learn a little of what you can do.

Assess The Damage

The first step to take when you break down is to pull over and figure out what happened or get a basic idea of the reason you broke down. To do this before you pull over, check your dashboard and take note of any lights that came on or went off. For instance the check engine light, or the low fuel gauge. That being said the next step is to turn the car off and get out to look at the outside of the car. The problem could be as simple as a flat tire. Look for visible damage such as a flat tire, leaks, and smoking.

If you see anything of the sort, you have found where you need to look or start looking. If you do not see anything that looks wrong, it’s time to open the hood of the car. When you finally get a look inside you should not open anything it could burn you if you do. Check to see if anything looks greasy or wet from a leak or if anything looks out of place. From the basic assessment you have done you should have some idea as to what is wrong or at least what seems to be.

this is a picture of a person checking the car for issues while stuck on the side of the road


There are so many things that could go wrong with a car, and they all have solutions. Some of which you can do all on your own with a little help from the internet and some how to videos. A few of the things to learn how to do in order to solve the solvable problems would be to learn to change a tire and have the equipment to do so in your car, learn when your car is overheating and where the radiator is as well as keep a gallon of water in your trunk, and you could also learn to read the lights and warning signs on your dashboard. Everything else that goes wrong with your car may need you to call a tow truck or a mechanic unless you are one yourself.

Most breakdowns are something you can take care of real quick until you can get into a shop, but if they do not have an auto shop on speed dial. Good luck and drive safely!

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