How to Prepare in Case Your Car is Ever Stuck On the Side of the Road

It is important to upkeep the maintenance on your vehicle. However, sometimes even the best vehicle owners experience car troubles. There may eventually be a case where you find yourself getting stuck on the side of the road with your dash lights blinking or a flat tire. There are a few precautions you can take in order to make this stressful experience a little easier to handle.

Consider Roadside Assistance

You may want to consider signing up for a roadside assistance subscription. These can be incredibly helpful. Generally, these companies will handle the situation for you. This can include calling a towing company, contacting your insurance, contacting a mechanic, and finding you a ride to a local destination or booking you a cab to get you home. Sometimes, these companies also offer other helpful assistance, such as guiding you through navigation issues or finding the closest gas station in the event that your fuel is low. Most of these companies charge monthly for your subscription, but some have a yearly fee that will save you money on this convenience.

this is a picture of road side assistance if ever you are stuck on the side of the road

Be Fully Prepared for What You Can Handle

In case the need ever arises, you should make sure your car is fully stocked with what you may need if you ever break down. This could include jumper cables or a battery charger, an empty gas can, or a jug of water to cool off your engine. You should also be sure to have necessary materials to change a tire. You will need a tire iron, a jack, and a spare tire. You may also want to include a few orange cones in order to improve your safety quality while changing a tire.

All of these materials should fit inside your trunk. Some vehicles have special compartments to hold spare tires underneath of on the back of the vehicle. Others will have build in areas for a jack or tire iron. It is important to keep your car manual in your glove compartment. Some newer model cars have indicator lights on the dashboard that will help you to understand what type of issue your vehicle is having. You may need your manual to decipher the different lights and indications.

this is an image of tire repair on the side of the road in case you get stuck

Know Who to Call

If you do not opt for a roadside assistance subscription you may want to have a few other preparations in order. You should research and choose a local towing company. Once you have chosen, you may want to get a business card or write their information down and place in in the glove compartment with your vehicle manual. You may want to research and choose a taxi company as well, and then place their information in your glove compartment to reference later.

You should also have a few people in mind that you can call in the case of emergency while you are stuck in car on the side of the road. If you are on a highway or interstate, there is sometimes a local highway helpline you can call. While driving, keep an eye out for the signs that will list the helpline number for your location. Keep in mind that you can always call the police station for help if you do not have other options.

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