What To Do if Stuck in Car on the Side of the Road?

this is a picture of one stuck in the car on the side of the road

Car breakdown is one of the worst incidences that travelers do not wish to encounter. Everybody expected to rich their destination as a plan with no challenges, however, to be on the safe side, always prepare for the worst but expect the best. Getting stuck in car on the road side especially at night is among the many fears along the road. However, if your car broke down, there are some steps measure you can take to keep you going within the shortest time possible.

Exit from the Highway

In a case of any malfunction in your car, your car doesn’t come to a standstill immediately. This is due to the momentum gains as the car speeds. Maximize your momentum to put your car on the side on the road, especially on the spots designated for such along the highway, a safer distance from the main road. Make sure you do not stop across an entrance exit, junction or in a road bend. However, if they engine fail and you cannot get your car off the road, don’t   get out of the car since crossing a high-speed freeway is dangerous

Alert Other Motorists

Once you come into an alt, roll down your window of your car preferably on the driver`s side and hung a white paper or a cloth. This will alert other road users that you are in trouble and thus the chances of getting help. This is most applicable technique if you get stuck on a high traffic highway. Make sure your hazards light are on to enables the motorist to clearly establish your condition at a glance.

Check the Course of the Problem

If you have some skill and kits, you may start sorting out thing but always try as much as possible to work on the opposite side of the traffic. In case you will have to open your bonnet, standing on a safer side. Tire problem is one of the common misfortunes drivers encounter on their journey, make sure your car is away from the road, and most importantly the side of the tire being replaced should be away from the traffic.

Make Communication

Use your phone to call for help for. There are several call box just in case you may not be able to make communications completely. If your battery is off, you may have to wait for the road patrol. Transportation crew usually make a number of trips along the highway just to check on any challenges travelers experience. Don’t get tired trying to communicate.

this is a picture of getting stuck in the car on the road side make communicition

Remain in the Car

In a case of longer delay, do not walk along the highway to look for help. This is very dangerous since due to a high speed of the vehicles, moreover, it’s it illegal to walk along the road in many states. During this moment, do not keep the engine, this may drain your battery and thus cause more adverse challenges.

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