Things To Remember When Your Car Breaks Down

In the United States, almost 90 percent of the driving age population holds a driver’s license. With so many cars driving around, you would think that knowing what to do when your car breaks down would be common knowledge. That is not always the case. However, there are a few easy rules you can follow to make an already inconvenient situation a little less stressful.

Safety First

When you begin to notice car troubles, it is important to react quickly. Usually, cars don’t just come to an immediate stop, which means you may have time to move your car out of the road. If you can, try to move to the median or onto the roadside, far enough that you are not blocking any of the lanes. As soon as you get into a stopped position, be sure to turn on your hazard lights. This can provide a warning to everyone surrounding you, and keep you and others safe. Do not step out of your car into traffic. It is especially dangerous to break down on the highway, and because it is not always avoidable, it is incredibly important to watch for traffic when exiting a roadside vehicle.

I recently had a major roadside accident because I had stopped on the side of the highway. I noticed a bedbug crawling on my leg and it had freaked me out to no end and I nearly swerved towards the right side of the freeway to park on the side. I called a company for the city I was in for pest control Pleasanton to see if I could take care of this problem. I wasn’t sure if I had bed bugs at home, but since they were home, I wasn’t sure how to handle it. Just a few moments later, a car slammed into my back. Luckily I had a seatbelt on or I could have been terribly hurt. Always exit the freeway and never stop on the side of it, you might not have a chance to learn a lesson.

Try To Determine The Issue

Once you are safely pulled out of traffic’s way and have engaged your emergency lights, you need to try to determine the issue your car is having. In some newer model cars, the dashboard may have indicator lights to help you determine the type of problem you may be having. 

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TIPS: What To Do If You’re Stuck on the Side of the Highway

this is a picture of a car on a road side

The inevitable happens: cars break down. Sometimes, you’ll walk outside in the morning to head to work, and your car won’t crank. Other times, your car decides to malfunction while you’re driving 65 mph down the highway. If this is the case, there are a few tips you can follow to help ensure your safety and help make the situation easier to handle.

1. Pull Over (Way Over)

If you can manage, drive your car to the nearest exit. In many cases, however, the car will not make it that far, so just be sure to move your car as far away from the road as you can safely manage. You should use signal lights if you switch lanes or to communicate your intentions to merge into the emergency lane or onto the median. Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers that you are having car troubles and are parked.

2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you have moved your car safely away from traffic, be sure to check your mirrors and inspect your surroundings for various safety hazards before stepping out of your vehicle. If the situation looks particularly dangerous, or if a stranger pulls up behind you, remain in your vehicle and lock your doors. If you feel unsafe, you should always call the police.

3. You May Be Able to Determine the Issue

Sometimes, newer model cars will have sensors attached to indicator lights on your dashboard. This could help you understand if the problem is with your battery, engine, fuel levels, or if you have a problem with your tire pressure. You may need to reference your manual to determine what the lights mean. If your car is smoking or inflamed, exit the vehicle calmly and quickly and move as far away from it as you can.

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What To Do if Stuck in Car on the Side of the Road?

this is a picture of one stuck in the car on the side of the road

Car breakdown is one of the worst incidences that travelers do not wish to encounter. Everybody expected to rich their destination as a plan with no challenges, however, to be on the safe side, always prepare for the worst but expect the best. Getting stuck in car on the road side especially at night is among the many fears along the road. However, if your car broke down, there are some steps measure you can take to keep you going within the shortest time possible.

Exit from the Highway

In a case of any malfunction in your car, your car doesn’t come to a standstill immediately. This is due to the momentum gains as the car speeds. Maximize your momentum to put your car on the side on the road, especially on the spots designated for such along the highway, a safer distance from the main road. Make sure you do not stop across an entrance exit, junction or in a road bend. However, if they engine fail and you cannot get your car off the road, don’t   get out of the car since crossing a high-speed freeway is dangerous

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